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    TRUly Different.

    Where will TRU take you?

    Experience the first-ever ever sliding, toothless, silent, dustproof, waterproof, and submersible complete zipper assembly. Build truly waterproof products that forge a new path and elevate the possibilities for your brand. Dream big or dream small. TRU Zip will take you there.

    Waterproof + Dustproof


    Reliable Performance

    Made in USA

    Our Products

    The patented TRU Zip design is the first sliding, toothless, and TRUly waterproof zipper system on the market. This complete zipper system introduces a fully-closed assembly that can be RF welded in applications that were never possible before. With a smooth and intuitive pull-to-close design that secures into an overmolded garage, TRU Zip offers a confident closure you can feel.

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